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T'ai Chi

To arrange an introductory, participatory T'ai Chi workshop onsite for your office
or for any group, you simply need a reasonably quiet room or space and a small group of people.

Any office or casual clothing is fine.
There is no need for special clothing, equipment or any accouterments.

Good health is not required to begin.
The opening moves are gentle, self-paced, non-competitive and available to everyone.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to theory and history followed by a demonstration of the Beginner's form. A warmup exercise will be taught during which the T'ai Chi principles will be introduced, explained and demonstrated. Next we will do the breathing and relaxing exercise (Ch'i Kung) that opens the T'ai Chi form. Then an additional few moves of the T'ai Chi beginner's form will be taught. All aspects of T'ai Chi practice will be discussed including physical movement, energy awareness, mental concentration, relaxation techniques, meditation and the eventual self-defense potential.

Please call for times, dates and rates.
703-759-9141, days

For information about the head instructor and previous workshops taught,
please click on
About the Head Instructor.


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