The T'ai Chi Ch'uan Study Center
of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Sat. indoors gym

Free Tai Chi

Intoduction and Beginners' Practice

Saturday Mornings

In McLean (Langley), Virginia.

Sorry, NO Sat. practice on Nov. 18, Dec. 9 and Dec. 16, 2017.

All Levels

(including first timers, new beginners, etc.)

Are Welcome

Whether They Are Enrolled in Classes or Not.

(Currently, there are about 40 people
attending these early morning practices each Saturday.)

T'ai Chi requires no equipment or accouterments.
Any comfortable clothing and footwear are fine.

No cameras or recorders of any kind are allowed.


Indoors on Saturdays
November 4, 2017
through March 24, 2018

Sorry, NO Sat. practice on Nov. 18, Dec. 9 and Dec. 16, 2017.

(then we'll be back outdoors
in McLean Central Park
on Saturday, March 31, 2018.)

8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 

(followed by breakfast at a nearby restaurant.)

If snow or inclement weather force cancellation of the practice,
an announcement will be posted at the top of the home page of this site.
So, if the weather is iffy, check there before heading to the practice.

To All Saturday Morning Tai Chi Friends


PLEASE NOTE: You must arrive promptly by no later than 8:00 a.m.

The gym's new, security protocol
requires that all doors remain locked and monitored.

A Tai Chi volunteer
will remain at the gym's front door
only until 8:05 a.m. or so.

Once the volunteer joins the practice,
all entry doors will be locked and,
sorry, no entry will be possible.

If you arrive too late, thanks for trying.
Join us next week.
Please do not knock on the doors.

As you get in your car to head to the gym,
remember “Seatbelt Tai Chi”,
i.e., check yourself with the TC principles,
begin to deepen your breath, etc.

Please be sure to arrive at least ten minutes early
to allow time to shift your clothes, change your shoes
and to do any individual warm ups.

Our group energy is based
on respecting the silent practice
and working together to minimize disruptions.

Moving as one is a main idea.
Follow the leader and the front row.
Copy their footwork to stay in sync.

After each set of three rounds,
we stand for a minute or two of qi gong.
Please remain quiet and still
and sink your heart/mind and breath to your center.

If you are late,
please respect the group energy
and wait for the right moment to enter the gym.
Remove your coat, etc. in the hall.
Wait for the break in the action
when the group is changing position on the floor
and changing leaders and then enter quietly.


Our free
Saturday morning practice
is held in the
gymnasium of

St. Luke Catholic Church School 
7005 Georgetown Pike (a.k.a. Rt. 193)

(two and one half blocks inside the Beltway, Exit 44 East)
McLean (Langley), Virginia, 22101

You Must Use The Correct Driveway Entrance.
Do Not Use The Exit Driveway To Enter.
Be Sure To Observe The School's Speed Limit.


Waiver: By attending this practice, you hereby agree to release and hold blameless The T'ai Chi Ch'uan Study Center, Ltd., the instructors and the practice location from any liability for any injury or harm that might result from your attendance and/or participation.  

 These Saturday practices are done silently.

We will be concentrating
on the first third (i.e., the beginner's set) 
of the Cheng Man-ch'ing form of Tai Chi Chuan.


The T'ai Chi Ch'uan Study Center 
of the Washington, DC Metro Area

703-759-9141, days   

Contact W. D. Conner via Email


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