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Here are a few photos from my trip to Taiwan in July and August of 2000.


Yangminshan National Park is a beautiful site filled with mountains and forests north of Taipei.

Yangminshan provided many wonderful views. Here a graceful bridge appears through the mountain mist.

Taroko Gorge is a national park about mid way down island on the east coast of Taiwan near the town of Hualin.

The suspension bridge on the left leads to many steep stairways which eventually lead to a pagoda and temple overlooking Taroko Gorge.

This is a view of the long and shaky suspension bridge over the gorge as taken from the pagoda.

This Taroko pagoda overlooks the gorge.

The pagoda also overlooks this mountain temple.

Mr. Chen Lu-Chi was my very kind and generous host during this visit to Taiwan.
(He is the father of local T'ai Chi player, the late David Chen.)
Mr. Chen very kindly arranged our trip to Yangminshan and to the Gorge as well as providing very generous help throughout my visit.

Back in Taipei, here is a typical street scene with a typical green median. All sidewalks are covered with motor scooters. There are literally millions of motor bikes in Taipei.

The old and the new meet at a Taipei traffic circle near Chiang Kai-shek Park. This ancient city gate is over looked by the modern Taipei Tower skyscraper.

Here are two candid photos from Warren's trip to Ireland (August 1998):

(Above: just after the First Brush Knee Posture)

Above: On the beach at the tiny village of Inch, Dingle peninsula, County Kerry with beautiful vistas in all directions.

Below: ditto

(Above: just before the Single Whip posture;
Don't the T'ai Chi Classics say something about rounding the back?)

This enormous beach on the southern edge of the Dingle Penisula was one of many beautiful and spectacular places I found in Ireland that was very conducive to practice. Others included windy mountain tops looking down on the clouds and beside secluded and pristine mountain lakes. One of the joys of travel is the serendipitous discovery of such new and different places in which to explore the myriad energies of T'ai Chi.

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